WordPress Site Videos

Learn to Use Your WordPress Website

Our on-demand tailored-to-your-website videos will help you take control of managing your WordPress business website.

Do you keep forgetting how to edit your WordPress site because you don’t do it often enough?

Are you scared that if you edit something on your site you’ll break it?

Tired of trying to track down your web developer just to make a simple change?

Do you have someone on your team that you’d like to train to maintain your website?

Let our WordPress experts create custom training videos specific to your WordPress website questions and issues. Starting at $25!

Take Control of Your WordPress Website

If you want to take control of your WordPress site and not always have to depend on someone else to update, edit, fix problems and otherwise maintain your website, you have some options:

1. Hire a third party like us at WP Site Mason (see the details…)

2. Hire an employee to maintain your website and other IT tasks (expensive!)

3. Watch lots of YouTube videos about how to use WordPress and hope you watch the right ones (waste a lot of time)

4. Get specific training on how to use Your WordPress Website (expensive and time intensive)


Let us make short, inexpensive, tailored-to-your-website videos that you and your team can learn from and reference any time!

The Value of Education Can’t Be Measured…but Here’s How Our Videos are Priced

One Time “Get to Know Your Site” Fee: $50
In addition to seeing how your WordPress installation is set up, we also need to evaluate how your Themes and Plugins work. Those are often more complex than WordPress itself! We need to time to evaluate your site so we can prepare proper instructions for you.

“Tailored to Your Site” Videos: $25 (per 5 min)
It’s that simple. A one to five minute video costs just $25 and we can cover A LOT of information in 5 minutes. In fact most of our videos are less than 5 minutes. If, however, we need to take more time to address a question or issue, a five to ten minute video costs just $50 and so on. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many issues or questions do you cover in a 5 minute video?
As many as we can! Typically we can cover up to 3 questions in a 5 minute video but that all depends on the question and how your WordPress site is set up.
What if I lose or accidentally delete my video?
We keep backups of our client videos for up to 1 year. We can always send you another copy at no charge.
What if I still don't understand what to do after watching the video?
Then we’ve done something wrong! We are glad to revise our videos until your questions are answered to your satisfaction.
Do your support plans include video tutorials?
Our Standard Plan includes one video per month and our Advanced Plan includes two videos per month. There is no need for the initial $50 “Get to Know Your Site Fee” since we already know our client site very well.