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What if your Small Business Website could practically run itself?

We can make it happen or teach you how.

A Straightforward Approach to Web Success

Small businesses often get overwhelmed by web companies pushing overly complex “solutions”

Or they get nickel-and-dimed by freelancers without any real process.

At Westover Web, we have a different path – a straightforward, ethical approach to website development, support, and SEO that actually works for small businesses.

Years Experience


We Support Over 100 Small Business WordPress Websites and Are Adding New Clients Every Week

Joy Sorensen

President, Majestic Caverns

The team at Westover Web is always there when we have site development questions or editing questions or even marketing questions. Ben has helped me brainstorm and troubleshoot all aspects of our digital presence.

“Best Support”

Caryn Terradas

Owner, Social U

We reach out to Westover Web when we have WordPress or SEO questions. In addition to maintaining our site, Ben and his team help solve problems for our clients as well. They are always trying steer us in the direction that is best for our business and our clients.

“Expert Guidance”

Trace Johnson

Asst Dir, Chelsea High School Band

We make a lot of updates to our site so when we don’t have time we send our edits to Westover Web and they handle them for us usually the same day! They also provide training for our team and make sure the site is always taken care of.

“Quick Updates”


We Support You

We primarily work with small consulting, coaching or counseling businesses without marketing departments who just want their websites to work and get found by potential clients.

WordPress Development

We have a unique approach to WordPress website development that our clients love.

Website Support

Of course we keep your site running but we also provide edits and help you think through marketing strategy at no additional cost.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is often presented as an ongoing cost and and ongoing headache. It doesn’t have to be.
Small business Website Support & SEO that simply works!

Download Our Free Content Blueprint

Figuring out what you want to say on your site is hard. Optimizing your content so it will be found in search engines is even harder. Hardest of all is adjusting your content to answer your target audience’s questions and help them work with you.

Our content blueprint will help you make all of those processes easier. Download it here for free and watch the explanation video on YouTube about how to use it.


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Don’t let another day go by with a website that’s underperforming and costing you potential business.